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About Us

Our core competence is treating and purifying water We are specialized in manufacturing systems and devices which treat waste water or unpurified water into potable quality.

We have also installed several projects which process waste water to the tune of 1 Million Litre per day into potable water in Karnataka and Maharashtra

We have also installed a packaged drinking water project (as per BIS norms) in Raigad Our enterprise is headed by Prof. R. N. Dutt, a former Dean and Professor of a Technical University and also is a consultant to Medical Universities such as the MGM in Kamothe and BLDE at Bijapur..

Pools Contaminants

  • Source water containing pathogens
  • Humans adding urine, seat, saliva, cough, dead skin fragments, bacteria
  • Nature adding insects, bacteria, dirt, dust, cyanobacteria (generates neurotoxins and hepatotoxins), fungus, protozoa

Present widespread practice of using chlorine and problems

  • Harmful to human skins, eyes, hair, carcinogenic long terms
  • Incapable of proper and lasting disinfection due to volatility causing typhoid, dysentery, other diseases
  • Incapable of destroying many pathogens like cryptosporidium, legionella
  • Long term use also causes skin cancer
  • Known to accelerate aging process (due to skin damage)
  • Causes asthma
  • Water volume replacement frequently and there is long down time
  • Inaccurate dosing and also mixing time lag and exhaustion of potency
  • Time lag of chlorine activation and the need for thorough mixing

Our Unique and Advanced Solution ‘ADS-POOL’ AOP or Advanced Oxidizing + Ultrasonic Process + Silver Ionization designed by Prof. R. N. Dutt with these features makes swimming safe and blissful:

  • Advanced technology that gives short term and long term protection (silver ions remain in water long term and keep destroying pathogens)
  • Scant use of chemicals
  • Automatic operation of plant
  • Effective destruction of pathogens and instant use of pool possibility due to continuous purification process

Current scenario:

  • OHT on roof source of water for humans in buildings
  • Municipal and other water sources already carry dirt and contaminants
  • OHT further adds to pathogens and foul smells due to generation anaerobic bacteria
  • The high temperature on rooftop promotes fast bacterial growth
  • Dirt in water visible if you keep water in a bucket for two days and do not disturb the water
  • Dirt is carrier of many pathogens
  • These pathogens enter human body when people use water for washing mouths, face, taking bath, eat fruits and salads washed in the OHT water.
  • Chlorine dosing is never effective and also cannot kill many species of bacteria and virus
  • One may get ill not even knowing the source of illness

Our device ADS-OHT guarantees protection of flat owners from pathogens in water (by killing bacteria, virus, protozoa, cyanobacteria, fungus, parasites) and also other contaminants. Post ADS-OHT, water is potable or safe to drink.

ADS OHT has been designed to make water safe for users at home by using advanced technology to remove all pathogens by filtration and Advanced Oxidizing technology with UV treatment. The plant runs automatically without requirement of operations. Only periodical maintenance is required.


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